Since Plasticband has been established, 40 years ago, we learned the only patch to follow is to work with Quality, constantly improving; we also learned to achieve it requires a very complex balance.

By one side we have an advanced factory to produce in an eco-friendly and efficient way, thanks to solar power and the latest innovations in the industry, all together to give us the possibility to produce in Europe in a competitive way.

The design of our products is constantly looking for improving the safety of our Customer’s logistic.
Through the packaging we achieve to reduce the accidents may daily occur to the people and products, besides improving the process with speed, economy and comfort.

Our sales team together with our Partners all over the world, work side by side with our most demanding Customers to suggest the best packaging equipment and the proper consumable to improve the shipment of their products.

The Plasticband orbital wrappers are distributed all over the planet. By other side, the legendary pallet strapper brand MATURI® (now owned by Plasticband) are working in millions of factories since 1962. All this experience in industrial environments brings us the awareness to face the future packaging installations with high guarantees of success.

Finally, our after sales team offers a full support to keep the equipments working at the highest performances, also by still providing original components to our machines with more than 25 years.

Organization, team, ideas and will to improve without limits. These are the real engine of Plasticband that makes possible to move forward day by day overcoming the challenges of being a family business so competitive.