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In today’s global world, technology, innovation and competitiveness represent the cornerstones of any developed economy. Failure to innovate, to manufacture and eventually to compete could impact the future of any given nation.
With the current economical wind of change, the developing economies nations have an opportunity to lift their performance.
The GCC and in particular the UAE has decided to minimize their GDP’s dependence on oil and Gas.

Roboryx was created to contribute to the development of the industrial sector that will shape the post oil economy.

Roboryx is at forefront of the industrial revolution. we aim to support local industries and organizations by offering world class technological and innovative solutions tailored individually to their operational and industrial needs.
With functionality in every detail we understand what time, labour, costs, competitiveness and profit margin means for a successful company.
With that in mind we constantly strive to stay abreast of what the automation and innovation world has to offer so your business doesn’t fall behind.


To become the trusted local partner for industrial improvement, automation technology and innovative solutions.


To improve the competitive advantage of local industrial companies and organization.
To tailor new technologies and innovative solutions to fit the customer needs.


Innovation, Technology, Commitment, Engineering, Integrity and Success.

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Our capability to tailor and customize an exact products and solutions, that fulfill the customer's special requirements, represents one of our main core competencies.


Equipped with special sensors, the Inspection robots can conduct sea, land and aerial inspection.


Automated systems to increase productivity, to enhance quality and to reduce production time.


Innovative ergonomic products to optimize human well-being and overall system performance.


Material handling solutions are tailored to fulfill customers lifting requirements.

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Our core business lies in the development, production and delivery of reliable, high tech and innovation solutions.
The products are designed to add value to our customers and to reshape their operational processes and make it more efficient.

Our trusted partners are leaders in their field and were favored based on their extensive experience in engineering and innovation.
This close relationship with key partners allows Roboryx to introduce cutting edge new technologies to its clients.


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