Ergonomic Articulated Arm

3ARM® covers and solves any need of weight load, for all kind of tools, devices or materials. Manufactured with the highest quality materials 3ARM is able to offer multiple solutions with its big range of heads and attachments, its lock positioners system and its bigger weigh load capacity keeping the perfect balance and null gravity. 3ARM is the multipurpose arm to make your job easy.

Series 1:
Like a small snake movement, the Series 1 is able to reach beyond to hold tools up to 10 kg.

Series 2:
The smallest of 3ARM® range, simple and light, perfect and ideal for small tools and devices up to 6 Kg.

Series 3:
The most famous and versatile 3ARM®. The equipment consist in a combination on a radial arm + tilting arm which turn 360º around themselves. The big range of head members options permits offer solutions for all kind of tools and devices up to 35 Kg.

Series 4:
The revolutionary arm will helps you to reach difficult positions, by copying the movement of a “snake”. Able to hold tools up to 24 Kg.

Series 6:
The 3ARM® with largest reach of work. It consists of a pendulum arm attached to an extendable arm with linear guides; both rotate 360º degrees about themselves.

  • Customized head members
  • Doesn’t require training
  • Very low maintenance
  • Mobile or fixed platform