Shark - M3-M36 (M42)

The  machine  is  formed  by  a  tilting   arm  being  by  means  of  a pneumatic spring, said arm being fitted through an intermediary   union to a radial arm being revolvable around 360º. The  assembly  is  secured to the workbench by means of a base plate being provided  with  a  post clearing  the  whole  table area.

The motor  head finds itself at the end of the tilting arm and is apt to always move at right angles with respect to its working area.

The  motor  speed, the  tool  automatic lubrication and the depth control can be adjusted by means of a display placed on the cover of the electronic board case.

  • Radius: 1130 mm / Hight: 670 mm 
  • Large Diameters
  • Modulare
  • Depth Control