Lifts All AB

Lifts All AB is a Swedish manufacturing company for Bal-Trol and its gripping devices. The products we offer today are Bal-Trol with grippers, overhead crane systems, jib cranes, customization, installation and service. The vertical pneumatic lifting will improve he productivity and safety, while decreasing cost and operational time.

Bal-Trol is a single-acting pneumatic cylinder, which lifts up any product to and tilt as desired. The lifting height is adjusted to the demands of the user. Standard is 1,5 meters, up to eight meters can be delivered.


The user easily adjusts the speed up and down in a second by controls on the gripper. The unit is made of aluminum, which makes it light and easy to move in an overhead crane system or jib crane.

The complete Bal-Trol system consists of an optimized combination of:

  • Bal-Trol, the unique compressed air powered lifting cylinder
  • Gripper, tailor-made for every need
  • Lightweight aluminum overhead rail system or jib crane

  • Customized gripper
  • Standard lifting height 1.5m
  • Requires an air compressor
  • Low maintenance